New Legend - Scout II New Legend

New Legend - Scout II

The New Legend is our interpretation of what a Scout II would look like if it had been designed today. It combines the original Scout style with innovative technology. Such as GM’s proven LS series engines and transmissions, Atlas transfer case, AEV’s Jeep JK Suspension design, and Dynatrac axles. All of this transforms a retro vehicle into a timeless classic.

Scout II - Driver
Scout II - Rear
Scout II - Side
Scout II - Front

Outrider Chassis

The JK suspension platform with a modern LS drivetrain makes the New Legend chassis the ultimate upgrade. This allows us tremendous flexibility to customize your ride with AEV conversions and Dynatrac axles, all while giving you the peace of mind of a safe OEM setup. All of these pieces work together to provide your Scout with excellent driveability, superior ride comfort, and fantastic on- and off-road performance.

Scout II - Chassis
Scout II - Side


We can all agree that we love our Scouts. We can also all agree that the Scout II had some inherent design flaws as well. In the restoration of our Scouts we rework key areas to promote longevity, redesigning specific areas to allow for greater strength, surface protection, and watershed techniques. This is accomplished by utilizing cutting edge, modern techniques to create a robust, modern vehicle that still lives up to its vintage roots.

A selection of standard and custom colors for both the top and the body of the Scout are available. In addition, we offer several original Scout decal options.

Stripe Decal Options

Standard Body Colors

Standard Top Colors

Scout II - Action


The New Legend Scout II is installed with the GM LS series engine. We have found that these engines have superior horsepower, torque and fuel mileage — while only carrying half the weight of a stock IH drivetrain. Engine options include the LS3, the brand new LT1, or, for those who believe there’s no such thing as enough, the supercharged LSA. Our engines come with a 2 year, 50,000 mile warranty at any Chevy Dealer.

Scout II - Engine
Scout II - Engine
Scout II - Side


The Scout interiors are outfitted with updates and innovations to create the ideal ride. They are given extensive heat and sound deadening treatments, new seating, custom carpeting, with additional features available.

Despite these modern upgrades we make every effort to keep the vintage aesthetic that made us love these trucks in the first place. We work to retain the original Scout style consistent throughout by keeping the manual windows and locks and integrating vintage seat pattern materials. Our vehicles retain their classic vibe with all the comfort and refinery of a modern vehicle.

Scout II - Interior

Seating Colors

Scout II - Seat
Scout II - Front


From the factory Scouts were a simple utilitarian machine. They didn’t offer many optional luxuries like today’s automobiles. Our builds at Anything Scout attempt to stay true to the original idea of simplicity, while offering functional upgrades. Upgrades like, our designed and built in-house secure lock boxes and our Workman series roof rack and bumpers.

Scout II - Seat Base Lock BoxSeat Base Lock Box
Scout II - Rear Lock BoxRear Lock Box
Scout II - Roof RackRoof Rack
Scout II - Rear BumperRear Bumper
Scout II - Front Bumper and WinchFront Bumper & Winch (Optional)

Lighting & Electrical Controls

We’ve got you covered when it’s dark, you’re off-road or touring the back country.

We are proud to work with quality partners like Putco - an Iowa based company that designs and manufactures the majority of their products in-house. They offer the highest quality lighting manufacturers on the market.

Scout II - Lights

We offer the following lighting options:

  • 40" light bar (optional)
  • 3 LED camp lights (optional)
  • Standard front and rear bumper flush mount spot LED lights
Scout II - Wiring

SPOD is at the forefront of quality switching and wiring systems. The innovator and the FIRST power distribution system engineered/designed for off-road vehicles.

SPOD distribution and switching center comes standard on all New Legend models.

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